Intellective onboard optocoupler remote control switch

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Intellective onboard optocoupler remote control switch
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RCD3027 is an intellective onboard optocoupler remote control switch, it can control
the electric device through a random channel on transmitter, it may disconnect power
when the signal is lost from the receiver and resume power supply and return to normal
when signal from receiver is found.
As soon as it is connected with power, LED light will blink 10 times and then enter normal
working mode, right after plug the signal wire of the device onto whatever switch channel
on transmitter, it starts controlling the onboard electric device through this channel of the
transmitter, when the switch is on, it starts powering the onboard electric device, it enters
low power consumption mode after 5 seconds, at the same time the LED light blinks slowly
( Light is off within 900 milliseconds, light is on within 100 milliseconds)
When the switch is turned off, power to the electric device is shut off, at the same time,
the LED light is gone off; When the switch is on, it starts power supply normally, but if the
signal is lost no matter it is something wrong with receiver or some other reasons, it will
shut off the power supply to the onboard electric device after 5 seconds delay. As soon
as the signal from receiver is found, its function is resumed and enters normal working state instantly.
As it collects the receiver signal through optocoupler, signal isolation would be 100% from the
receiver, so no signal interference at all. Besides, its algorithm filtering program can filter some noise
and short time interference from signal lost effectively.

Input voltage: 6-12V
Input current (max): 6A
Optocoupler signal input
Noise/signal lost interference filtering
Low power consumption