Servo-V-Limiter 5.9V - 4W

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Servo-V-Limiter 5.9V - 4W
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Fabrikant Emcotec
Servo-V-Limiter 5.2volts - NEW VERSION

Miniature voltage regulator for single servos
  • Miniature voltage regulator for single servos
  • Electronically 5.2V voltage regulator for sensitive servos
  • Voltage corresponds to a 4-cell NiMH battery
  • Ideal for digital tail rotor servos in helicopters
  • Simply put in between receiver (or gyro) and servo as extension cable
  • Integrated HF disturbance suppression (HF filter)
  • Excellent voltage stability due to high grade circuitry design and low drop out regulation
  • Max. power dissipation 4W (approx. 3.5A cont. current at 5.9V input voltage - 10A peak current)
  • Usable without soldering
  • JR/Uni connection cable (3 x 0.34qmm / AWG22 cross section)
  • Weight only 5.2 grams / 0.17 oz.
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