Servo-Pulse-Booster (Amplifier)

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Servo-Pulse-Booster (Amplifier)
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Fabrikant Emcotec

Pulse amplifier with HF anti-noise filter for weak servo signals
  • Amplifies the servo pulse from e.g. 2.7V up to the usal 4.8-5.0V level
  • Fits ideal for the Futaba FASST system (6014 receiver)
  • Suitable for long servo feed lines when not using a DPSI RV system
  • Ferrite rings are dispensable due to the high efficient HF suppression filter
  • Supply voltage up to 8.4 volts
  • Simply put in between receiver and servo as extension cable
  • Usable without soldering
  • JR/Uni connection cable (3 x 0.34qmm / AWG22 cross section) with gold plated contacts
  • Weight only 3 grams / 0.09 oz.
Delivery includes operating instructions