Kavan Threaded couplers M2 1,2 inside

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Kavan Threaded couplers  M2      1,2 inside
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Fabrikant Kavan

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Threaded Couplers
Nickel-plated steel. KAVAN Threaded Couplers are strong,
easy to solder and have added strength due to the taper between
the thread and base.

Use No. 0131 on Pushrod No. 0016A and Cable No. 6360. Use Nos. 0130, 0130B, 0130D
on Pushrod Nos. 0016, 0005A-F (except 0005C) and Cable No. 0151.
Use No. 0130A on Pushrod No. 0005C. Length overall: 28 mm , Thread length: 13 mm. Pack: 10 pcs.